Improve Your Writing With Two Simple Exercises

Improve Your Writing

I’ll bet you didn’t know that was a thing. I didn’t until recently. Still, when I heard about it, I immediately thought about swapping ideas can benefit writers. We tend to be a solitary bunch, especially since our work requires us to think alone, and people can be a distraction. Many of us, including me, are introverts, and we don’t want to share our ideas with others, but it can benefit your work to change your process. In honor of the holiday I have two exercises for you to try:

When you’re facing a creative block, swapping ideas with another writer can be a great way to generate exercises for writing practice. You can take turns suggesting exercises for the other and give them a try. It’s always fascinating to hear the ideas of others, and it may lead you to come up with new approaches or topics you hadn’t considered before. Talk to another writer or even a creative friend. Come up with five prompts or ideas each and swap. Try writing about your favorite idea from your friend’s list. If you enjoyed the exercise, do it again.

Another time it can be beneficial to swap ideas is when you’re working on a difficult draft of your manuscript. Maybe you’re stuck, or you’re unsure what’s missing from the writing. Try talking through your ideas with another writer or creative friend and listen to his or her feedback. He or she may have some great ideas that could help you work through your block.

Lets discuss your practice in the comments. Which exercise did you do, and how did it go? Did it help you? 


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