Writing Roundup – The Best Writing Advice This Week

Here’s a list of some of the best writing articles I’ve seen this week:

Tuesday Tip on Write of Passage – This is a great resource for new novelists all about starting your novel. This post includes background information on what is needed in a scene and a helpful lists of things you shouldn’t do at the beginning of your novel.

The Craft of Voice – Guest post on Vine Leaves Literary Journal by JJ Marsh – This is a great beginner’s introduction to Voice including tense and point of view. Check it out if you’ve ever been confused about these topics.

How to Write a Book: The 5 Draft Method – Jeff Goins on Goins Writer – This article breaks down the 5 draft method for writing a book. This can be really useful if you’re starting a novel or another long project and you’re unsure just how all those drafts will work.

One Surprising Way to Write Better – Emily Wenstrom on The Write Practice – Surprising, but valuable advice on the importance of rest to writers.

Have you seen any great articles this week? Share a link in the comments.



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