How to Make the Most of the NaNo Writer Community

In my last post I talked about how great the NaNoWriMo community is, so I wanted to follow up by talking about how you can make the most of the NaNo community this fall.

1. Forums

The NaNo forums are a great place to connect with other writers before, during, and after the event. You can talk about any part of the writing process, NaNo, or anything else. There are boards dedicated to novel research, in which experts in different subjects can answer your questions, plot generation, character naming, and pretty much anything else you think you might want to talk about.

Most importantly, the forums provide an online support group of others who are participating in the same event and understand your challenges. It’s nice having a large community to share your experiences with, or even just vent at the end of your writing day. In my various NaNo attempts, I have found the community to be extremely supportive, and sharing with other NaNoers is a great way to relieve stress and talk about ideas.

You can also find new writing partners to critique your work or to do sprints and “word-wars” with you.

2. Regional Groups

The NaNo site allows you to set your regional settings, and it will help you find other writers in your area. Many regional groups hold various events during November. You can meet other NaNoers in person, making you feel less alone. One of the great types of events many of these groups hold is the write-in.

3. Write-Ins (And Virtual Ones)

Write-ins are NaNo events where local writers get together for hours at a time to write. Take part in write-ins hosted by your regional groups, or even virtual ones. The great thing about write-ins is that you can write in the company of other writers. It makes the process less lonely, and you can make great friends with common interests. It can also help you focus to have other people busy with the same task around you. If you’re feeling blocked up, you’ll probably find some other writers who are struggling or in need of a break to talk to.

4. Friends

Invite your real-life friends to participate in NaNo. You can share the experience and have fun. Maybe some of your non-writer friends will participate, too. Then they’ll see how difficult writing a novel really is, and you’ll have another thing in common to talk about.

How do you use the NaNo community to help you write in November? What do you love about it? Share in the comments.


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